Dancing Dancing marathon bombing

Published on March 20th, 2014 | by mpower

A first dance: Adrianne Haslet-Davis at TED2014

TED Blog: Kate Torgovnick May Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Huge Herr spoke at TED Tech yesterday about the work his lab is doing in biomechanics and prosthetics.

“The lab studies how people with disabilities walk and run, to understand exactly what happens in the body when these deceptively easy things are done. They use this information, on which muscles are doing what and how they’re being controlled by the brain, to create limbs that work like natural ones.”

Their success in the lab is translating to the public with many people benefitting from these inventions.  One of these individuals is Adrianne Haslet-Davis.  She lost her leg below the knee in the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013.  She was a professional ballroom dancer.  This year at the TED Tech Conference she stole the show when she got back on the dance floor for the first time since loosing her leg.

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