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Our vision: To challenge the status quo of ability, sport and athleticism.

Our solution: Create an adaptive sports media network for content creators to publish on and  engage fans of adaptive sports around the world.

Our mission: To engage, entertain and educate fans of adaptive sports and to reduce the amount of time it takes someone to discover their ability through the power of sport.

Mpower Sports Cofounders:

Rob Mueller is an adaptive sports professional focused on media, marketing and education.  He has spent over 20 years working in adaptive sports programs from Alaska to Argentina and is currently an industry consultant.  Rob is a cofounder of the Adaptive Sports Professional Network and is excited to collaborate with others to harness the power of sport to solve some of societies biggest challenges.  Learn why he is a huge fan of adaptive sports.

Eli A. Wolff directs the Sport and Development program at Brown University, an he also directs the Power of Sport Lab, a new initiative to fuel and magnify the power of sport movement. Eli is a co-founder of the Inclusive Sports Initiative as well as the Olympism Project. Eli was a member of the United States Paralympic Soccer Team in the 1996 and 2004 Paralympic Games.  Learn why he is excited for the kick off of the #WeAreAllSportsFans campaign.

Copyright 2016 Mpower Sports and Recreation, Benefit, LLC. #WeAreAllSportsFans

Mpower Sports and Recreation encourages all individual who participate in the various activities promoted on this site to do so in a safe and controlled environment.  All of these athletes have had years of practice and coaching.  We encourage everyone to find an instructor, take a lesson and use the proper safety gear before engaging all activities.  Play safe = having fun.   



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