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Amy Palmiero-Winters Completes Ultraman Race

Runners World: 2/27/14

Amy Palmiero-Winters is an ultra marathoner who holds 11 world records.  That means she regularly runs 100+ miles at a single time.  She recently became the first amputee to complete a grueling 3 day, 320 mile Ultra Triathlon in Florida.  Her time was 33:44:09.

One day one all athletes complete a 6.2 mile swim and 90 mile bike ride.  Day two is a 170 mile bike ride.  Day three is a 52.4 mile run.  This race had only 29 athletes complete this course.

“It was life changing in the fact that we all set out to accomplish our dreams and sometimes we fail but we need to remember if it truly is a life dream we must never give up until we accomplish it, because, sooner or later if we want it bad enough we will reach it,” Palmiero-Winters told Runner’s World Newswire. “I was overwhelmed with pride and honor to accomplish this feat and I was so proud to have the team of everyone involved who helped me get across that finish line.”

Read the full article in Runner’s World here.  

Photo: Rick Kent



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