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Published on February 22nd, 2014 | by mpower

Blind Ambition: Adapted CrossFit Training

Brandon Tucker was diagnosed with Ushers Syndrome Type 2 at age 8, leaving him with blindness and lossing more of his hearing over time. As a competitive individual in most of his life, CrossFit got him back in the game of weightlifting. His coach, Amber Leonard, helped Tucker manage handstand push-ups, kipping pull-ups and other movements where his impairments could be problematic. “Even though I’m older and blind, I really want to see where I stand. I enjoy competition.” His coach, Amber Leonard came up with creative adapted strategies to empower Brandon to learn and feel what was needed for each exercise. “I would have him put his hands on certain parts of my body so he could feel the movement and have him try to replicate that on his own.”

To read and see more of Brandon’s story and interview with Amy Duchene, click here.

Adapted CrossFit has become a nation-wide craze as many gyms and schools are finding ways to get everyone involved with customized workouts. Some examples of that can be seen here. To see how one high school has created an adapted PE program with CrossFit for a student with cerebral palsy, I recommend taking a moment to watch Maddy’s story.

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