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Published on September 11th, 2016 | by mpower

Matt Scott, US Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team

By: Isil Tanyeri

Matt Scott played seven years for Galatasaray, a major club team in Turkey, and now lives and plays in Italy. A four-time Paralympian, he began the sport at age 14. Mpower caught up with Scott after the second preliminary win for the U.S.

Mpower Sports: Could you give me a comparison between the crowd you had today playing against Germany and yesterday against Brazil? How was the energy in the room?

Matt: That crowd yesterday, I know Steve kind of said it earlier, but when they scored that first basket yesterday, it was just incredible. You could feel the energy in the room. The Brazilian crowd was very much with them. We felt the same in other host counties in the past. In Greece, they had a fantastic crowd, in 2004. In ‘08, in Beijing they had a good crowd. In London, we played for the bronze medal in front of a British crowd. But that crowd yesterday, you could feel the energy. That might be the best one.

Mpower Sports: Today, you had a lot of kids watching you compete. And outside there are thousands of kids running around from one sport venue to another in big groups.

Matt: Really? That’s so cool. We really appreciate that enthusiasm. It brings a lot of energy to the game. It helps us and motivates us to play hard. We love to represent our sport and our country. Having enthusiastic fans like this is just incredible.


Mpower Sports: Tell us a little bit about the village. How do you like it?

Matt: They treat us really well. The food is 24 hours, so we kind of hang out there a lot. We have 6 players in each room so we get to hang out without teammates a lot. The village is very very big… It’s comfortable and relaxing to go back after games and rest.

Mpower Sports: Do you get to meet other athletes?

Matt: Yeah I met quite a few. Not only different counties but also different sports from Team USA. Athletes I have never met before. You see them on twitter or Instagram “they won this or that” but you never get to know them in person. It’s nice to have that fellowship with different athletes, not only from Team USA but from different countries as well.

Mpower Sports: Would you consider yourself a fan of a different Paralympic sport? Are you planning to go to different sport game to watch?

Matt: I am a big Alana Nichols fan. I want see her to be the first Paralympian to win medals in 3 different sports. I would love to see her do that. I’m a big fan of the sitting volleyball teams.   I would love for the team to do well. I met a few swimmers and I would love for them to do well as well! Not necessarily anything specific but I really want to see my friends to accomplish their goals.

Mpower Sports: Awesome. Thank you for your time Matt and answering Mpower Sport’s questions. Good luck the rest of the games!

Matt: Thank you, I appreciate it.

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