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Published on March 15th, 2014 | by mpower

Roman Petushkov Puts Sixth Gold around his neck

The is no doubt that the Russian Paralympic Team has been dominate in their home Olympics in Sochi. They have taken over the medal count with almost 50 more medals than the next closest team. And part of their success is due to the performance of Roman Petushkov. Roman won 5 gold medals alone as well as 1 gold medal with his teammates in the open relay all for a Paralympic record!

“Fans at the stadium shouted, ‘Roman, we want a fifth gold medal.’ That’s why I had to take first place,” Petushkov said. “My mental training is easy. I just tell myself, ‘I must.’”

Read more here about Roman’s interview and the experiences of a five-time gold medalist in Sochi alone.

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