Mono Ski Zen warrior III

Published on October 5th, 2015 | by mpower

Sam Morris: the Zen Warrior

Sam Morris has used skiing to get his life back.  Sure many people have but Sam tells it like it is and others listen.  He has used his experiences in life to guide others through his business Zen Warrior Training in Los Angeles.  When not teaching others how to really live a full life he is on the slopes tearing it up in his mono ski.

He was recently featured in a Skiing Magazine article.

Skiing has been a pathway for me into that Zen mindset. When you’re on the snow, you can’t be in conflict with the reality of the terrain. If it shifts suddenly, your body has to shift with it. The same thing happens in people’s lives. What people are expecting versus what’s actually happening is constantly in and out of congruity.” -SM


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